Airsoft to Air Pistol Conversions

 Airsoft to CO2 Air Pistol Conversion  *
Our unique conversion includes custom components in the blowback system which allow the pistols to cycle correctly at higher power running on higher pressure CO2 gas, the conversion also stops the pistol from cycling on normal Airsoft gasses saving any doubt over it's status as a CO2 powered Air Pistol.
Opposite is a GRP Nighthawk Custom we have converted, note the custom made Titanium lower frame extensions allowing the frame to be machined out to provide clearance for the CO2 capsule whilst retaining the high strength and light weight of the original CNC frame.
Variable power from out tuned KJ Works mags means that a conversion to CO2 is possible for most compatible guns other than those with heavy metaol sights in a plastic slide, these can be accomodated by fitting a plastic rearsight.
* Only available for guns compatible with KJ Works CO2 magazines as these are the only CO2 mags we can guarantee and source all consumable parts for.