BRNO B96 & Chamelion Service, Reseal etc.

Servicing & Resealing
From £75
 Spare Magazines
BRNO B96 5 Shot Magazines
Now available to order, BRNO B96 5 Shot mags, Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminium and hand finished.
BRNO B96 Safety Magazines
Manufactured in a distinctive blue nylon the safety mags allow you to demonstrate that your gun is completely safe, with no through holes this mag ensures that there is no pellet in the breech and that no gas can reach the barrel.
5 Shot 
x1 £25
x2 £41
x3 £56
x4 £69
x5 £80
£20 each
Magazine prices include P&P with Royal Mail Special Delivery
 M9D Valve Seat

Polyurethane Piercer Cap O Ring

Replacement Hammer Spring


 Stripped Thread Repairs
From £25
 Steel Replacement for Rear Sight Upper Casting
Machined to order from solid carbon steel, this replacement is also an upgrade to the overly fragile and now unobtainable cast Zinc original part.
Fully engraved with original markings and with a durable chemically blacked finish.
 This service includes rebuilding your sight with the new part.
Shown opposite are various stages of production.
 Steel Replacements for Other Rear Sight Castings Available To Order
Shown opposite is a customer sight during fitting up, this one had all 3 upper sight assembly castings broken and required replacements making.