Crosman Model 88 Skanaker Parts, Repairs & Conversions

 Model 88 Skanaker CO2 Cylinder to Gun Body Seal
A durable, high quality Polyurethane seal replacing the original O ring
£5 each
 Model 88 Skanaker Breech Seal
A long service life, high quality Polyurethane replacement breech seal, precision machined to the correct dimensioned to allow the manufacturer's intended breech/barrel seal function and clearance adjustment.
£20 each
 Model 88 Skanaker Valve Main Seal
 A custom made Polyurethane valve seal/seat giving extended life and improved seal performance.
£25 each
 Model 88 Skanaker Inlet Valve Tube Seal
A durable, high quality Polyurethane replacement for the original seal.
£10 each
 Model 88 Skanaker Transfer Tube O Ring Seals
A set of 4 (one pair + a spare pair) of custom CO2 rated O rings.
£15 per set of 4
 Model 88 Skanaker CO2 Cylinder Valve Seals
A set of high quality Polyurethane seals replacing the original O rings
£40 per set
 Model 88 Skanaker CO2 Cylinder Reseal
Magic 9 Design can service and reseal your Skanaker cylinders with high quality replacement O rings and Polyurethane replacement valve seals
£60 per cylinder
Model 88 Skanaker Pistol Service 
A full service comprising a complete strip, clean and re-lube
Replacement parts, if required are additional to the service price.
 Calibre Conversion
The Model 88 is popular in the USA in .22 as a Silhouette Pistol, the .22 conversion makes the Skanaker an excellent long range target pistol.
We can fit a match quality barrel which can also be machined with a threaded nose protruding forward for a moderator or stripper

      £75 + Materials  

You can supply your own barrel blank for the conversion or we can source one for you. 

12g CO2 Conversions
A 12g CO2 adapter kit comprising a high quality machined Aluminium adapter, brass fixing screw, seals and piercer unit is available from stock, enabling your Model 88 to run on the conveniently available CO2 capsule size. Fitted in minutes with just a screwdriver the kit requires no modification of the pistol allowing quick, easy changes between power sources.
12g Conversion : Now available from stock for next working day shipping
PCP Conversions
A new PCP kit is now in development comprising a high quality cylinder, fill adapter and regulator designed and manufactured by Magic 9 Design. Once available our new kit will enable your Skanaker to be converted to PCP without permanent modification of the pistol, allowing you to swap quickly and easily between bulk fill CO2 and pre-charged air or 12g CO2.
12g CO2 Conversion £85 
PCP Conversion Price to be Announced
Scope Rail
High quality scope rails which directly replace the rear sight block, choose from commercially available rails machined to fit your gun through to bespoke rails in Blued Steel, Stainless Steel or Titanium.
From £25  

Prices shown do not include postage and packaging