General Engineering and Manufacturing

 The wide range of engineering skills and technical experience at our disposal results in regular requests for non-gun related items, these are a few of the most recently recieved and undertaken;   
 Helicoil Insert Machining & Fitting
Stainless steel thread inserts can be used to repair failed threads and to strengthen threads in soft materials. 

One Insert From £20 each
Two Inserts From £16 each
Three Inserts From £15 each
Four Insert From £14 each
 Cricket Umpire's Ball Counters
6 miniature bails custom turned to the customer's specifications from solid Titanium these counters are conveniently sized at just over 4cm long.
With form and proportions based on full sized bails these counters have a very pleasing feel and appearance.
Also made to order in Brass or Aluminium, price on application.
 Custom Camera/Scope Tripod Fittings
Custom fittings facilitating the mounting of  Camera, Spotting Scope, Binoculars, pan & tilt head etc. to the base of your choice.
Dimensions, threads, materials, size & style to order.
Hardness Tester
Covering the range from dead soft Lead through to Aluminium and the softer of it's alloys the tester can be packaged for use in Reloading Presses, Fly Presses or for Hand Held Operation.
Prices start at £65 for a reloader's kit which comprises a measuring microscope, hardness chart and a set of parts to drop into a Lee Universal Powder Charging Die.(Die Not Included)
Rubi Tile Cutter Tool Steel Insert
If the mechanism is still good, but the cutter point is worn beyond limits, the cutter arm is machined to accept a custom made tool steel insert and the insert is bonded in place.
In addition to the initial repair saving around 30% on the cost of a full cutter unit, future replacement of worn tips is now a DIY job with tips costing around half the price of a replacement cutter unit.
 Old Western Style Law Enforcement Badges
A test piece is shown opposite along with the custom press tooling made to facilitate manufacture of this customer order, below is a finished badge featuring both deep milled and diamond drag engraving.
 More jewellery than badge the finished product shown opposite is hand cut from 3mm solid brass plate, the beads are formed and the badge is domed in a hand press using the custom made tooling shown above.
The engraving is a combination of rotary cut and diamond drag, the pin is soldered in place and can be replaced if it is ever broken.
Prices from £60
 Decorative and Commemorative Plaques
High quality solid brass plaques made to order, for house numbers or names, presentation boxes and commemorative inscriptions.