Custom Made Parts

 Bespoke Sight Rails To Order
Available in Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Blued Steel and Titanium.
Shown is the black modified off-the-shelf part from a customer's rimfire rifle along with the Magic 9 Design replacement to the customer's specifications, shown in "in the white" carbon steel prior to test fitting, final polishing and blueing.
 Replacements for Damaged or Broken Screws
Replicated from originals in almost any condition or where the original is missing or damaged beyond recognition a replacement can be mate to fit the gun parts.
Opposite is an M3 x 0.5 Left Hand Thread sight screw for a FAS 606 shown in the white prior to blueing.
Below it is the original from which the replacement was copied and the finished, blued replacement.
 Replacement FAS 606 sight screw shown fitted to the gun   
 BRNO B96 Rear Sight Main Casting
The rear sight is no longer a serviced part but for around the same price a robust blued steel replacement for the fragile main casting can be made and the sight rebuilt around it.
Replacements for Unobtainable and Obsolete Parts
Shown is a broken Airsoft component, sitting on a penny to give you an idea of scale.
Anything is possible -
a replacement in aircraft grade aluminium was machined to replace the die-cast part and is shown here in place in the gun, along with the broken part, and the profile section which was created from which to machine the finished part.