Custom Scope Rails

 Custom Rifle Scope Rails
Made to order from drawings, dimensions or as shown opposite to a modified specification (top-unblued) based on a rough original (bottom)
 Custom Riser and Converter Rails
Made to customer specifications riser rails from 5mm upwards can be ordered, rails can be made as straight risers or converters between 11mm, 13mm, 20mm and custom sizes.
Shown opposite is a riser rail for 11mm dovetail with a lift of 5mm, shown in the white (top) and traditionally blued (bottom).
This unique M9D riser rail is for low recoil use where it is possible to slide on from one end of the dovetail, made from one piece of steel with no screws to lose or threads to strip it can be adjusted to be a push fit onto the gun's dovetail, it is then clamped fast by the action of the sight mount on the riser.
 Custom Pistol Scope Rails
Made to order to fit your pistol exactly, Bridge Mounts, Single Sided Bridge Mounts, Close Fitted Top Rails conforming to the pistol's profile and retained by the open sight dovetail or something to your own design.
The Single Sided Bridge mount shown is a very close fit to the gun and allows the use of Umarex open target sights without removal of the rail, making the change from Iron Sights to Optical quick and easy without losing zero on either.
We can give you a quote for exactly what you're looking for.
 CP88 20mm Accessory Rail
 Tacticool rail also to order for the 1911, 92fs and nearly anything without a suitable mounting point for an accessory rail. POA