Drulov DU-10 Reseal / Repair

 Drulov DU-10 Service, Reseal & Repair
Whatever your DU-10 needs, if it's not listed just ask for a quote.
Seals and seal sets.
Replacements for worn or broken parts.
Breech adjustment for pellet compatibility.
Blowback Piston replacement for operation at higher velocities.
Nick has owned, loved & shot both Eagle DU-10 Rifle and Condor DU-10 Pistol.
 M9D Drulov DU-10 Seal Set  - £27.50 + £2.50 Recorded P&P
All you need to get your leaky DU-10 back up and running, the kit consists of
(i) 1 high Quality Polyurethane Piercer Cap Seal
(ii) 1 replacement Valve Seat
(iii) 1 Replacement Valve Ball
(iv) 2 replacement rear valve cap O rings
(v) Silicone grease for lubrication of O rings prior to assembly

 Drulov DU-10 Reseal Service - £65 Includes M9D Seal Set but plus Any Additional Work or Parts Required + P&P
Your DU-10 will be fully stripped & cleaned, fully resealed, re-lubricated with Moly-Based products and adjusted for optimum performance*  

* Not including breech adjustment for pellet-fussy guns

 Drulov DU-10 Breech Adjustment for Pellet Fussy Guns - From £95 + P&P 
If you weren't lucky enough to get a DU-10 which performs equally well with all pellets then this can be remedied by adjustment of the breech clearances. 
 Other DU-10 Repairs
Guns which have been run dry for an extended period often have wear in the mechanism, worn pins and elongated pivot pin holes in the trigger group are common and result in a gun where reliable trigger adjustment is difficult or impossible, worn blow-back pistons & bores are also common in guns which have been run dry for some time, your bore can be honed and the piston head can be re-machined to accept a synthetic piston sleeve, allowing a closer fit with reduced friction and wear to give enhanced performance and extended service life. 
Broken firing pins can be repaired or re-manufactured, missing parts can be made, whatever your DU-10 needs is possible, just ask. 

Also available -

Scope Rail fitting service - £55 (20mm Rail Included)
Your DU-10 will have threaded inserts neatly fitted into the upper surface allowing the fitting of a sight rail, the 20mm rail included in the price is recessed to clear the DU-10 sight picture so although it is removable you won't need to remove it, making swapping between optical and iron sights quicker and easier. 


 Unobtainable Replacement Parts Made to order
Whatever you need to get your DU-10 working again we can make it for you, just ask for a quote. 

A couple of parts we have made to customer orders are shown opposite

Piercer Cap and Grip Retainer Tool
Original and M9D Safety Lever Buttons