Engraving Services

 Engraving Services
We have invested heavily in state of the art engraving equipment and can now offer a full text and graphics engraving service in both Deep Rotary Cut and Diamond Drag methods
Opposite is a pair of KJ Works Hi-Cappa slides with deep rotary cut engraving ready to send to Garry for Duracoat finishing.
We don't just pop your gun on a machine and press the "Go Button", all jobs are run on a test block first and any optimisation of the design and cutter profile is made prior to committing the design to your parts, the test block for the job is shown below the finished slides opposite.  
We also make plaques to order in brass, stainless, wood, plastics and almost any material, plus we supply and engrave military dog-tags, lighters, key rings, bottle openers etc. and make custom objects with text and pictures to order.



Pleas note that Copyright law prevents us from using registered trade marks except where

(i) The product to be engraved has already been licensed  for the required trade marks

(ii) The customer has obtained the required licensing or permissions and provides us with a statement to that effect.