FEG GPM Kit Fitting

 FEG GPM 01 Seal Kit Fitting 
 To fit the action body to cylinder seal first lift out the firing pin & place to one side. 

Carefully remove the old seal from the threaded aperture in the body using a pointed tool, then push the new seal into place, replace the firing pin and finally seat the seal firmly by screwing an empty cylinder into position. 

 The O rings supplied are direct replacements for the originals and should be lightly lubricated before installing, to remove the old O rings they can be carefully cut with a craft knife or removed using a pointed tool.
 The firing valve seal is replaced by first unscrewing the centre plug in the brass cylinder nose

Then shaking out the contents which can be seen opposite laid out in order ready for replacement. 

The old seal is pushed out using a small screwdriver or rod

The new seal is pushed into place with the seating tool, the tool we provide is an unsharpened pencil as this is the ideal size and material for safely pushing the seal into place. 

Here again we can see the internals in the order in which they will be replaced, first insert the brass sleeve slotted end first, then drop in the valve ball. 

Locate the valve spring on the plug and insert these with the valve laid horizontal to ensure the spring is correctly located and seated, push the plug all the way in

Finall stand the assembly up and re-tightening the plug