Fitting The GSG/TSC Accurizing Kit

Magic 9 Design Ltd. GSG/TSC Accurizing Kit & Fitting

In your kit you should have

An Accurizer Barrel Sleeve

An Accurizer Barrel Bushing

Sleeve Bonding Compound for fitting the sleeve

WS2 Dry Tungsten Disulphide Dry Lube for lubrication of barrel, bushing and slide rails.

Basic Accurizing Kit Contents

Field strip your pistol as you would for cleaning & maintenance

Remove the protruding weld from the underside of the barrel adjacent to the breech block. 

(For later guns we started to provide a cutout in the sleeve but variations in production by GSG meant the weld changed regularly in size and position so we went back to a full sleeve and recommend removal of the area of weld above the nominal cylindrical surface of the using a file, Dremel or other suitable tool. 

Removing the protruding weld will not affect the fixing of the anti-tamper pin which prevents access to the barrel fixing screw. 
It is still optional to remove a section of the sleeve using a Dremel, file or other tooling to clear the weld.)

Slide the barrel sleeve onto the barrel until it is approximately 12mm / 1/2” from the breech block (And if your kit is not the latest version with the cut-out at the bottom).

Apply bonding compound all around this edge then push fully into position

Apply a generous bead of sleeve bonding compound around the breech end edge of the sleeve, including the cut-out.

Push the sleeve slowly into place and once it is firmly against the breech block wipe off any excess bonding compound with kitchen roll, tissue or an absorbent rag.

Now hold the barrel vertical with the muzzle upwards,

Where to apply bonding compound 

Apply bonding compound around ¾ of the sleeve – barrel join, this will allow compound to be drawn by capiliary action into the interface between barrel and sleeve to provide a solid bond.

Add more compound as that already applied flows into the joint, after a minute apply compound to the last ¼ of the join to ensure the compound completes the circle fully.

Allow the barrel to stand upright for 15 minutes then wipe off any remaining excess compound and allow to stand for a further 30 minutes for the compound to set before reassembling the pistol.

A correctly fitting barrel bushing allowing negligible in-battery slide wobble.