Gamo Compact Repair, Service & Upgrade

 Gamo Compact
The Compact is a very capable 10m starter pistol which with a little work can far exceed the performance of more expensive models. 
 Gamo Compact Service/Repair/Reseal
Including a full strip, clean and lube. 
£40 + Parts + P&P
 Gamo Compact Trigger Upgrade
Mating surfaces on the stamped, laminated sears are re-worked and polished and the sear engagement adjustment screw is machined and lengthened with a brass insert 

giving functional fine adjustment of sear engagement.
The result is a trigger with feel and break to rival guns costing 5 to 10 times as much as the Compact.
£45 + P&P
       (£40 if carried out at the same time as a service)
  Gamo Compact Valve Seal Set Kit
Including Valve Seat Seal, Valve Cap Seal and Valve Stem Seal with the necessary bits to fit the new stem seal to the stem without damaging it and a link to our instruction video showing you how to do the valve reseal. 
                                           £10 + P&P
 Gamo Compact O Ring Cylinder Seal                                            £7.50 + P&P
 Gamo Compact Non-O Ring Cylinder Seal
(Solid Polyurethane Type)
                                           £10 + P&P
 Other Repairs
We can also repair the thread in the frame where it has been smashed or torn in an attempt to adjust sear engagement with the under-length screw fitted by the manufacturer.