Gamo Compact Repair, Service & Upgrade

 Gamo Compact Service
Including a full strip, clean and lube
£35 + P&P
 Gamo Compact Trigger Upgrade
Mating surfaces on the stamped, laminated sears are re-worked and the sear engagement adjustment screw is lengthened with a bronze insert to give functional fine adjustment of sear engagement.
The result is a trigger with feel and break to rival guns costing 5 to 10 times as much as the Compact.
£40 + P&P
£30 if carried out at the same time as a service
 Other Repairs
We can also repair the thread in the frame where it has been smashed or torn in an attempt to adjust sear engagement with the under-length screw fitted by the manufacturer.
A Gamo Compact with a refinished grip, reworked trigger, and the top rail modified to accept a Webley Speed Point sight for precision spinner shooting competitions.