KJ Works Magazine Service / Reseal

 KJ Works CO2 Magazine Full Service / Reseal  £25 per Mag + P&P*
*(Pricing is for 1 to 5 mags, discount is available for trade and for larger quantities, prices also available for Valve Reseat Only)
The Magic 9 Design KJ Works Mag Service Reseal includes a high quality Polyurethane Piercer Seal, CO2 duty Piercer Body O Ring, spacer/retainer and a replacement Valve Seat which is pressed and bonded into the valve body and then precision machined in-situ in the valve body for perfect concentric alignment and seat profile.
Running mags dry or leaving them pressurised for over 24 hours will promote premature failure and may invalidate the warranty, it is recommended that a drop of Magic 9 Design CO2 Gun Oil is applied to the tip of the CO2 capsule once every two capsules.
Valve Reseat With Seal & Spacer Kit £15 per Mag + P&P
Send in your valve and we send it back reseated, tested and with silicone grease & the full kit of parts which we use for our Service / Reseal.
Ideal for those confident in stripping & rebuilding their mag but who wish to have everything with which to complete the job.
 Valve Reseat Only £10.00 each + P&P
Just send in your valve and we send it back better than new having carried out replacement of the Valve Seat which is pressed and bonded into place then precision machined in-situ in the valve body for perfect concentric alignment and seat profile.
For the more DIY minded folk who prefer to do more work themselves, prices for replacement seals etc. can be found below.
 Spacer/Retainer £0.50 Each + P&P
Spacer, this increases mag life and reliability and is part of our full mag reseal service, fitting instructions included.
 KJ Works Custom Polyurethane Front Valve-Body Seal  £2.50 each + P&P
Replacing the standard O ring this seal is a harder, more durable material and seals & retains the valve earlier than the standard seal, this allows the valve to deliver more gas for a harder hit & more kick, the Polyurethane is also flexible enough to allow the valve to be tightened down to standard power.
Keep a spare in your gun bag for when you need to check the valve seat is clean and know you have a backup in the event of front O ring failure.
Fit these to a set of mags and you can tune them to produce closely matched power for more consistant competition results.
  KJ Works Custom Polyurethane CO2 Piercer Seal £3.00 each + P&P
A more flexible and durable material than the standard seal this will last indefinitely and almost eliminate gas escape on piercing if the mag is maintained as recommended.
Keep a spare for when you forget to depressurise the mag and dump the seal in the long grass!
KJ Works Hi-Cap Mag CO2 Piercer Block O Ring £2.00 each + P&P
A more flexible and durable material than the standard seal this will last indefinitely if lightly smeared with Silicone Grease before installation
KJ Works Stainless Valve Key £20 each + P&P
A Stainless Steel valve key with Stainless Steel T-bar specifically made to fit the KJ Works CO2 magazine main valves - will also fit blowback KWC Witness CO2 Mag valves.
The Magic 9 Design KJ Works Mag Service Reseal 6/12 Month Limited Warranty;
This covers only failure of the valve seat and piercing seal in our fully serviced mags, returned valves must have the mag service date included with them.
Individually serviced valves are warranted for 6 months against manufacturing defects, this does not include damage caused by foreign objects on the valve seat, returned valves will be checked under an inspection microscope and in the event of failure of the seat material resealed and returned free of charge.
As with all pistols using Airsoft type mechanisms, mags used in competition may require valve service more often than when used in general informal leisure shooting and plinking.
Lost piercing seals due to the user failing to depressurize the mag before unscrewing the CO2 cover are not covered, rectifiction of mags returned with this faults is chargeable.
(Replacement piercer seals are available, fitting is easy and instructions can be supplied.)
Repairs to valves whose micro marking (which matches the engraved mag date) indicates they are out of warranty will be chargeable.
Dirt on the valve seat and replacement O rings are customer service issues, rectifiction of mags returned with these faults is chargeable.
Physical damage including wear to and breakage of metal components is not covered by the warranty but a chargeable repair will be offered if such is possible.
In the event of a DOA mag (failure within 1 week of delivery) Magic 9 Design will refund the customer's postage cost to return the valve (to a maximum of 1st Class Recorded Large Letter) and pay the postage to retun the resealed valve to the customer (by 1st Class Recorded Large Letter), should the customer elect to send the whole mag Magic 9 Design will not cover postage costs, payment for return postage to the customer must be included with the mag.