Lee Enfield Tools

 Lee Enfield Tools
The Bolt Head Tool features a hardened lever end, for improved durability the pin is inserted spring steel, fitted after tempering of the tool.
The Firing Pin Removal Tool is hardened only where it engages the firing pin prior to tempering.
The Foresight Screw Tool is hardened at the tip where it engages the screw prior to tempering.  
Correct material selection and the application of hardening only where appropriate results in greater durablility than is typical of many cheaply manufactured tools which are either fully hardened or CNC cut from hard stock, both resulting in less durable tools.
The various features of these tools are manually machined, hand forged, flame/quench hardened and furnace tempered, they are made in Yorkshire using locally sourced tool steel.
Set of 3 Tools                       £70 inc. P&P (Free  P&P)
Firing Pin Removal Tool    £30 + P&P
Bolt Head Tool                     £25 + P&P
Sight Screw Tool                 £20 + P&P
Trade/Club Enquiries Welcome
 Lee Enfield Foresight Adjuster (WD Pattern) Stainless
We've invested in the tooling to be able to manufacture the foresight adjuster in the style of the WD originals, available to order, enquiries via email. 

£60 including P&P