Multi-Shot Magazines

 Multi-Shot Magazines
We are re-manufacturing some obsolete and unavailable magazine parts and some full magazines. 
Custom magazines are also available to order, we have just completed successful testing of a prototype 7 shot magazine conversion kit for the Webley Raider 2 shot and Venom Viper 2 shot rifles. 

 7 Shot Magazines and Parts for Theoben Rifles 

Full Magazine          £55 
Rotor in Nylon 6      £20 
Cover in Perspex     £20 
Body in Nylon 66     £20 
Hand Wound Spring £10 
Screw                     £2

Body and cover available with 1 tab for Rapids or two tabs for under-lever models.

Why Nylon 6 & Nylon 66? Nylon 6 is a surprisingly strong material with the ability to flex a little and return back to it's original shape, with low friction and good resistance to cracking and wear it is the ideal engineering plastic for durability in sprung self-indexing magazines, Nylon 66 being slightly harder is ideal for the housing.