Pardini Fiocchi P10 Repair, Service & Parts

 Pardini Fiocchi P10 Repair, Service & Parts
 In addition to our DCOA & Reseal services we can quote for and undertake the manufacture of custom, missing, broken and unobtainable parts to restore your pistol to full function.
Our breech seals are not OEM, we manufacture our own upgraded seals from high quality modern Polyurethane for extended service life & performance.  
Nick owns, loves and shoots his own Pardini Fiocchi P10
 Basic Disassemble, Clean, Oil & Assemble (DCOA)
 £55 Plus Parts
 DCOA Including Breech Seal Set
 DCOA Including Full Seal Set
 M9D Breech Seal Set
Magic 9 Design breech seals are manufactured from high quality Polyurethane giving extended service life & performance, (fitting requires removal of grip and action tube assembly from the frame).
 Full Seal Set
A set of high quality replacements for all seals in the gun, including the M9D Breech Seal Set 
 Prices shown do not include P&P