Perfect Pellet Seating Tool

 M9D Pellet Seating Tool (PATENT APPLIED FOR)
The M9D Pellet Seating Tool works perfectly with most single shot .177, .20 and .22 pellet airguns with an easily accesible breech, the M9D Pellet Seating Tool  was designed primarily for Umarex 8 and 10 shot mags though, it is compatible with Rohm 8 shot mags, BRNO B96 5 shot mags, Steyr 5-shot mags, Crosman 8 and 10 shot mags and any other .177 stick or rotary mags to give perfect repeatable pellet seating every time.
Tough, lightweight and easy to use with all metal construction, the Tool's high quality, spherical, Stainless Steel seating surface repeatably positions the pellet skirt just below the level of the mag rear face (Typically 0.5mm to 0.8mm depending on the type of pellets used), ideal for best friction fit in the mags, reducing the chances of pellets moving when handling mags.
The seating tool is covered by a 10 year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
Supplied as shown with split ring and clip £3.50 plus P&P
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The M9D Pellet seating tool was developed as a permanent replacement for all the improvised, poorly moulded or easily lost tools I'd previously used. 
The tool is easy to use, the split ring helps in holding and locating the tool, making it easy to control, even for those who stuggle with fiddly jobs.
The clip and ring makes it easy to store where it's always to hand when you need it, on your IPAS rig, gun bag, pistol slip or even your key ring.
The highly polished seating surface causes less long term mag wear than softer materials as it will not carry or drag dirt.