Lubricant & Consumable Product Prices

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Magic 9 Design Silicone Grease 7g
Ideal for lubrication of synthetic and rubber seals and 'O' Rings on assembly, Magic 9 Design Silicone Grease is safe with high pressure gasses and ideal for PCP valves and regulators,
Not Suitable for Metal to Metal Applications.
Magic 9 Design Moly Grease 7g
Used in any mechanism wherever you would use a normal grease this will reduce wear and friction and smooth operation 
Magic 9 Design Moly Grease is based on a high quality Lithium Grease to provide the maximum lubricant quality and life.
 Magic 9 Design Moly-Silicone Grease
A high quality Silicone Grease heavily loaded with Molybdenum Disulphide, this is ideal for use in any mechanism where conventional oils & greases are not recommended and where synthetic seals are present and metal to metal contact is possible but the combustion possible with Petroleum products is not desireable. Also perfect for lubricating any piston seal on initial assembly as combustion or dieseling is precluded.
Applications include SSP Rifle & Pistol compression systems and the compression cylinder area of contra-acting piston target guns (Moly Paste should still be used on the springs and gears) and synthetic piston seals on spring guns.
Magic 9 Design 60% Dry Moly Paste 7g
Periodically applied sparingly to metal areas which are subject to wear, or where high pressures are applied to small moving components, Magic 9 Design Moly Paste will bond to the surface of the metal reducing long term friction and wear and significantly smoothing the operation of mechanisms.
With 60% Molybdenum Disulphide this near-dry paste massively reduces pickup of environmental dirt and retention of wear products when compared to oil or grease on open components making it perfect for applications such as the bearing surfaces on blowback pistol slides.  
Magic 9 Design Silicone Oil 7ml
A high quality Silicone Oil, excellent for preserving the sheen and finish of plastic components, protecting non-mechanical metal parts from moisture and lubrication in plastic and plastic to metal applications.
Not for use in metal to metal applications
Magic 9 Design CO2 & SSP Gun Oil 7ml
One Drop on The Tip of Every Fourth or Fifth CO2 Capsule Will Keep Your Valve Seals Clean and Well Lubricated, Also a Perfect SSP and Pump Gun Oil compatible with Gamo Compact, HW75, Pardini Fiocchi P10, Webley Alecto, Sharp Innova, Crosman 13xx series pistols.
Extensively tested on everthing from Classic 1960s Crosman pump-up and CO2 guns right through to the modern SSPs like the HW40 and HW75 and the fully synthetic formulation means that it is compatible with the Webley Alecto.
Magic 9 Design 25% Moly Oil 7ml
A high quality fully synthetic oil heavily loaded with 25% by weight Molybdenum Disulphide, this allows you to deliver the lubricating power of Moly to places you can never grease - ideal for classic spring rifle maintanance lubrication.
Also brilliant for padlocks, drill chucks, car bonnet, door & boot hinges and any dificult to access high load parts and mechanisms.
Magic 9 Design Moly & PTFE Oil 7ml
A high quality fully synthetic oil heavily loaded with Molybdenum Disulphide with added PTFE, use anywhere you'd use Moly Oil but where you want to use both the major super-lubricants for added friction reduction and protection.
Magic 9 Design Moly Silicone Oil 7ml
 Silicone lubrication for synthetic materials with Moly protection for metal contact areas.
Magic 9 Design PTFE Silicone Oil 7ml
 Silicone lubrication for synthetic materials with PTFE protection for metal contact areas.
Magic 9 Design Moly & PTFE Silicone Oil 7ml
Silicone lubrication for synthetic materials with PTFE & Moly protection for metal contact areas.

 Magic 9 Design WS2 Dry
 Fine Technical Grade Tungsten Disulphide in a fast evaporating carrier ideal for slides, guides, magazines and anywhere requiring the best available friction modifier without any pickup of dirt and dust, brilliant for rimfire pistols where dirt will tend to collect on any parts with a grease or oil film. 

Drulov DU-10 Polyurethane Piercer Cap Seals
 Custom CO2 Piercer Seals
Improved Drulov DU-10 Firing Valve Seat