Product Range

 M9D Pellet Seating Tool (PATENT APPLIED FOR)
The M9D Pellet Seating Tool works with most single shot .177 pellet airguns but is designed for the Umarex 8 and 10 shot mags to give perfect and repeatable pellet seating.
Tough, lightweight and easy to use with all metal construction, the Tool's high quality, spherical, Stainless Steel seating surface repeatably positions the pellet skirt just below the level of the mag rear face (Typically 0.5mm to 0.8mm depending on the type of pellets used) ideal for best friction fit in the mags, reducing the chances of pellets moving when handling mags.
The seating tool is covered by a 10 year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
Supplied as shown with split ring and clip £3.50 plus P&P
 CO2 Bulk Fill Bottle Connectors & Adapters
Direct Pub Bottle and Fire Extinguisher connectors for guns and smaller CO2 fill bottles resulting in far less waste than with hoses and valves, all configurations and connections available to order.
The adapter shown is for Crosman 111 and similar models with direct
 Rohm Moderator/Stripper Adapter
Specifically designed for the requirements of target shooters this adapter brings the barrel right to the front of the 1/2" UNF thread or slightly forward of it, avoiding the buffeting often encountered with partially shrouding or overhanging designs.
Available in Bronze, Stainless or Blued Steel, the adapter pictured is steel "In The White" prior to Blueing
 Witness Barrel Bushing/Compensator
A stylish replacement for the standard barrel bushing which perfectly complements the Magic 9 Design Extended Guide Rod, the overall length,
and number, size, angle and pattern of slots and holes can be varied to customer requirements.
 Iron Competition Sights
Magic 9 Design offers a range of Iron Sights for a wide range of pistols, this photo shows part of the range available for the Umarex 1911, shownare the Umarex Target Sights, of which we have limited stocks, along side our stock model Low Profile White Outline and Low Profile White Dot which work with the standard Umarex or TFW foresight, or we can make a custom White Dot or White Bar foresight for you.
Umarex 1911 Slimline Compensator
Designed to give the look of barrel end compensators used in full bore action competitions the Magic 9 Design Slimline Compensator fits to a threaded muzzle rather than using the slide retaining screw.
The number, size, angle and pattern of slots and holes can be varied to customer requirements
Umarex 1911 Beavertail
The Magic 9 Design Beavertail replaces the Umarex original and is available in two versions, one which retains the standard internal grip safety mechanism and another specifically designed for speed shooting disciplines where a pinned grip safety and a more reliable, simplified hammer action is required
Umarex 1911 Half Profile Compensator
Designed to give an improved look and feel over the standard manufacturer's part the Magic 9 Design 1/2 Profile Compensator fits to a threaded muzzle rather than using the slide retaining screw.
The number, size, angle and pattern of slots and holes can be varied to customer requirements
Magic 9 Design Gun Lubes
A range of conveniently packed, high quality gun lubes.
Silicone Grease 7g
Moly Grease 7g
Moly Paste 7g
Silicone Oil 8ml
CO2 & SSP Gun Oil 7ml
 Umarex 1911 Backstraps
The straight backstrap perfectly compliments the Magic 9 Design Beavertail.
The curved backstrap works equally well aesthetically but also serves to raise the natural grip angle of the pistol, assisting fast aquisition of a sight picture for shooters who normally find the foresight low on initial presentation
Umarex 1911 Extended Stainless Thumb Safety
The Magic 9 Design Thumb Safety greatly eases use and improves looks, feel and comfort without the need for large or sharp projections
Umarex 1911 Titanium Ejector Port Cover 
Closely fitted to the cast port in the Umarex slide the Ejector Port Cover gives a much improved look to the 1911, the look can be further enhanced with the optional engraving of  .45 ACP  on the top edge
 Umarex 1911 Stainless Commander Hammer
Machined from solid the Commander Hammer in Stainless is fitted with a brass bush and Align-Bored prior to fitting of the actuating pins, this ensures the correct angular relationship of the pins to the striking face allowing perfect function
 1911 Thumb Guard
Available for Umarex, KJ Works, KWC Witness, Tokyo Marui and most other 1911 models including LBP which accept Government model size grips, engraving is optional
 KWC Blowback Witness Custom Trigger
Both functional and decorative the custom trigger looks good and increases the normally short trigger reach on the Witness providing an improved break point for most shooters
 Umarex Smith & Wesson Moderator Adapter
Available in Phosphor Bronze, 316 Stainless and now Blued Steel the adapter allows the use of any 1/2" UNF moderator with the Umarex Smith & Wesson.
Matching decorative thread protectors as shown in the photo are also available, as are standard knurled black steel thread protectors.
Synopsis of Products and Services
Available Now, Coming Soon or in Development
Currently Include
Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 & 686
Stainless Hammer, Stainless Trigger, Stainless Thumblatch, Wood Grips
Umarex 1911;
Stainless Commander Hammer, Stainless Levers, Aluminium Backstrap Straight, Aluminium Backstrap Curved, Aluminium Backstrap Custom Curvature, Polished Stainless Frame Fastener Set, Polished Stainless Grip Fastener Set (Std, Short & Long available),  Aluminium Mag Well
Tanfoglio Witness (.177 Blowback Model);
Stainless Commander Hammer, Stainless Levers, Stainless Full Length Guide Rod, Alloy Barrel Bushing/Compensator
All 1911 Pistols;
Titanium Thumb Guard, Mag Release Extensions in Various Styles, Stainless Grip Screws (Various lengths to suit standard & custom grips)
Crosman 13xx & 22xx;
True Target Trigger, Replacement Breech with 10 Shot Mag System
Schimel GP22;
Replacement Backstrap Lever in Aluminium Alloy, Replacement Barrel Shroud in Aluminium Alloy
QB Series CO2 Rifles
Replacement Breech with 10 Shot Mag System
Rohm Pistols
Tuning Service and Tuning Kit for PCP & CO2 Rohm Pistols
Service, Pro Tune & Race Tune
Currently available for the Umarex 1911, CP88, S&W 586 and 92fs