Recommended Trading Partners


World of Replica Air Pistols
An excellent and informative site with valuable hints and tips for CO2 and air pistol owners, the link takes you to the page where you can buy Steve's excellent maintenance guide eBook, I've read the eBook and can firmly recommend it to any air or CO2 pistol owner wanting to start maintaining their own guns. 

Action Air Shooting & Steve Taylor Custom Guns
Everything for the Action Shooting Enthusiast, 6mm KJ Works CO2 Air Pistols, Custom Umarex 1911 builds and more.


 Idleback Shooting Range and Gunshop
Home of the world famous Idleback Shooting Chair and a newly refurbished shop.
Idleback also has a 6 lane 30m indoor range with powered holders for paper targets from 0 - 30 Yards, knockovers, bell targets and banger targets for all lanes. Rates from £7 per hour.
Comfortable seating, recent shooting magazines and reasonably priced and drinks snacks are available in a pleasant waiting and seating area.
Simple Targets
Copper Coated Lead BB, Simple Targets and lots more useful & fun stuff

 Simple Targets

Valmont Firearms
TSC, Barrett, Ruger and much more
Alan's Air Rifles
A friendly, family run gun shop with a good range of quality rifles, pistols, accessories and consumables in stock, based in Bramley, Rotherham
NM Products
Stockists of a huge range of things airgun related.

NM Products

Rileys Machinery and Tooling
Always my first stop for machinery, tooling, drill bits, taps, dies, chucks, milling & turning tooling and inserts.
A huge range of stock items for machining and benchwork plus really helpful staff makes this my all-time favourite shop.