Rohm Parts, Repairs, Service & Tuning

 Tuning And Parts For The Rohm Twinmaster Series of Pistols and Rifles

 The Rohm Twinmaster series of pistols were latterly delivered running adequate power levels for most target disciplines.

This was not always the case and there are many Twinmasters in service which develop inadequate power/consistency for 10m and also many owners who would like to tune their pistols within legal limits but to a level more suited to HFT Pistol or Silhouette shooting.

In addition to the repair parts and upgrade parts shown Magic 9 Design offers you the tuning routes below to the optimum power level and shot to shot consistency for your Twinmaster:

 Rohm Twinmaster PCP Regulator Spring Pack
This pack includes a set of 8 new springs for the Pre-Charged Rohm Twinmaster regulator and 4 shims for fine adjustment of pressure output. 


£30 + P&P
Rohm Twinmaster Multi-Shot Indexing Kit
This kit includes all the parts required to convert single-shot only Rohm Twinmasters to accept and function with 8-shot Rohm magazines. 
Made to customer order the indexing parts are available as a full kit for conversion or as individual components for repair/replacement 

Individual Replacement Part Prices
(1) Magazine Advance Pawl Spring   £8
(2) Double Action Sear Spring           £8
(3) Magazine Locking Hand Spring    £8
Double Action Sear Pin               £4
Double Action Sear                    £25
Magazine Advance Pawl Pin      £15
Magazine Advance Pawl           £15
Magazine Locking Hand            £15
All Prices + P&P


Full Kit £65 + P&P

 Rohm Twinmaster Cylinder Damaged or Stripped Thread Repair
Send us your cylinder and we can repair the thread better than new with our custom made tooling and high quality, long life stainless insert.

Opposite is shown one of our repairs in a well used Rohm cylinder which came in with a completely stripped out thread.


£25 + P&P

 Rohm Twinmaster PCP & CO2 Valve Cap Upgrade and Stripped Thread Repair

The photo opposite shows the Phosphor Bronze M9D Valve cap (left) along side the standard plated Brass Rohm cap.

The Standard Rohm Twinmaster valve cap is retained by approximately two full turns of it's fine metric thread, failure of the thread in the pistol frame whilst not common is not unknown, this can render the pistol inoperable. With the end of parts availability the main seal is also no longer available.

Magic 9 Design has designed and developed an upgraded valve cap which is retained by five full turns of the thread (utilising all the thread in the Twinmaster frame) and incorporating a replaceable, press fit valve seat, giving extended life. The upgrade/repair replacement cap incorporates both rear flange seal and internal valve stem seals. 

The slimmer hex portion of the replacement also solves a common problem with inadequate valve pin travel limiting power and facilitates tuning for HFT/Silhouette/Long Range Target with increased valve travel and dwell in both PCP and CO2 models. 

Fitting the M9D upgrade valve cap to a Twinmaster with a stripped valve thread gives more engagement in the unused portion of the frame threads than the standard Rohm valve cap, resulting in stronger cap retention and also quickly and effectively repairing an otherwise scrap pistol. 




£95 + P&P
 Rohm Twinmaster PCP & CO2 High Flow Valve Stem Upgrade
Fitting the M9D upgrade valve stem increases gas flow, ideal for tuning to higher power levels, increased flow can also allow a lighter hammer strike at standard power levels for faster, smoother multi-shot use in double action
                                         £45 + P&P
  Rohm Twinmaster PCP Cylinder Service, Repair & Reseal

The cylinder is completely stripped and all seals are replaced, the cylinder is then filled, leak tested and finally checked for pressure loss over 48 hours. 

Replacement valve stems now available when having your cylinder serviced and repaired


£55 + Parts + P&P

 Rohm Twinmaster PCP or CO2 Valve O Ring Kits

Kits with genuine green front valve O ring, upgraded rear valve cap O ring, valve stem O ring and lubricant. 

For repair/reseal of leaky Rohm firing valves - includes required Silicone Grease to relube the O rings, valve stem and valve nose on reassembly.



£15.50 + P&P  

 Rohm Twinmaster PCP Regulator Nose O Rings

Two Regulator Nose O rings and more than enough silicone grease to maintain them.

Please note that the correct procedure to prolong the life of the O ring and cylinder and regulator nose threads is on removal of the cylinder to -

(i) unscrew it one full turn

(ii) fire the pistol until empty of air

(iii) remove the cylinder


£5.00 + P&P

 Magic 9 Design Ltd Rohm Twinmaster Tuning Kit (PCP)

Comprising a pair of carriers, assister spring, regulator shim pack and full stripping, fitting, reassembly and tuning instructions.


£40 + P&P

UK P&P £5.00 

Most EU Destinations £15 P&P with RM International Tracked & Signed

 Magic 9 Design Ltd Rohm Twinmaster Tuning Kit (CO2)

Comprising a pair of carriers, assister spring, and full stripping, fitting, reassembly and tuning instructions.


Magic 9 Design Ltd Optional CO2 Rohm Hammer Weight

The optional brass hammer weight attaches to the hammer with a grub-screw and is used when maximum power is required from the CO2 Rohm. With the tuning kit, a correctly ported and flowed valve plus the optional hammer weight it is possible to achieve power output not far below the UK legal limit


£37.50 + P&P




£15 + P&P


UK P&P £2.50 - Most EU Destinations £10 RM Airsure

 Magic 9 Design Ltd Rohm Twinmaster Tuning Service

For those who prefer not to strip their pistol we can do the whole job for you



 From an additional £65 labour when a Service and Kit are purchased at the same time.

 Rohm Pistol Service

Full strip, clean and re-lube of all mechanicals, valves, regulator etc,


£65 + P&P

Plus replacements for worn or faulty seals and/or parts

 Rohm Pistol Parts and Accessories

 An Aluminium Weaver Rail machined to fit the Rohm range of pistols, as standard the rail can be mounted in two orientations, reach-back or reach-forward allowing optical sights to be placed optimally for the shooter:


From £20.00 + P&P




 Unobtainable Parts Made To Order

 Regulator Nose and Air Valve Inlet 
The standard plated brass part can be damaged with poor handling or rough treatment and the inlet valve nozzle and seat can become damaged, Magic 9 Design now offers a replacement in Stainless Steel. 
Includes a replacement Polyurethane valve seat for the regulator adjuster screw. 

Fitting and setup service available, POA.

£55.00 + P&P 
Supplied as a Gunsmith Fit Part requiring transfer of the grit filter from the original to the new part, fitting into and adjustment of the regulator. 


With the withdrawal from manufacture of the Twinmaster guns and spare parts Magic 9 Design can manufacture to order many unobtainable parts.

Opposite is a Twinmaster Trainer fitted with a Magic 9 Design CO2 cover/Piercing Lever in Aircraft Grade Aluminium

 Replacement mag indexing spring & pin made for the Twinmaster  series 

 Moderator Adapter

For use with scoped pistols this adapter for non-trainer CO2 models allows the barrel to fit right into the moderator primary chamber to avoid the buffeting and reduced moderator performance associated with conventional slip on adapters.

Varying size and lengths available suitable available for all models in Stainless Steel at £34.50 and Blued Steel at £40.50