Pistol Repair, Servicing, DCOA & Tuning

 Pistol Repair, Servicing & Tuning

 Prices shown do not include postage

 Magic 9 Design DCOA Service +
A full disassemble, clean, oil (+ Moly re-lube) and assembly + tidying up edges and corners and polishing on some components as required.
Available for allmost all pistols of all ages and types, although som particularly complex models are excluded.
Replacement parts, if required can be fitted during the service adding only the cost of the parts.
 Magic 9 Design Pro Tune
A full strip, clean, and re-lube plus tidying up any rough edges and corners on the internal components, plus polishing of most moving & mating parts and reprofiling of some.
Available for all 8 and 10 shot Umarex Pistols
 Magic 9 Design Race Tune
A full strip, clean, and re-lube plus tidying up any rough edges and corners on the internal components, polishing of most moving & mating parts, reprofiling of some components for faster more positive indexing, valve flowing and trigger/hammer optimisation.
Currently available for Umarex 1911 & Umarex S&W 586/686
 Service & Tuning is exclusive of any replacement parts required but if available these can be supplied at the customer's request and fitted upon reassembly, estimates for repair available on request.  Free CO2 Gun Oil and Pellet Seating Tool now included with every Service, Pro Tune & Race Tune.