Sharp Air Rifles

 Sharp Ace Trigger Block
This replacement for the original zinc die casting is manufactured by Magic 9 Design Ltd in Aircraft Grade Aluminium. 
Precision machined from solid, the Magic 9 Design Ace Trigger Block is a direct fit to the standard gun and accepts the existing trigger components, alternatively the Magic 9 Design Ace Trigger Block can be supplied pre-assembled with the Magic 9 Design Ace Trigger Kit. 
Block Only £65.00         
Block Complete With Trigger Kit £110.00        

 Sharp Ace Trigger Custom Internals Kit
The Magic 9 Design Ace Trigger Kit is a full set of replacement/upgrade internals for the Ace trigger which fits either the original trigger block or the Magic 9 Design Ace Trigger Block. The kit includes 
1 x Stainless Trigger Plate         Dimentionally the same as the original Trigger Plate     (£25.00 individual part price)
1 x Aluminium Trigger Shoe       Can be retro-fitted to the standard trigger plate             (£25.00
 individual part price
1 x Tool Steel Trigger Pivot Pin                                                                                  (£5.00
 individual part price)
1 x Trigger Spring                                                                                                      (£10.00
 individual part price)

Trigger Internals Kit £55.00         

 Other Ace Parts
1 x Hardened & Tempered Tool Steel Sear 
1 x Sear Spring
Unlisted parts can be manufactured to order