Aftermarket Sight Fitting

 Aftermarket Sight Fitting
If you have sights that look like they could fit your gun but don't know where to begin, or if you don't have the sights, just an idea of what you'd like, just ask, we can source and fit sights for you.
Whether it's a set of iron target sights from a full bore 1911 that you'd like on your gas powered 1911 copy as shown opposite or a genuine BoMar rail that you'd like fitted to your Umarex Smith & Wesson as shown below, anything is possible.
Custom Fitted BoMar Sight Rail
 We were faced with the option of drilling some extra holes through the rail and gun and filling spare holes with dummy screws or finding an alternate solution, we opted for the latter.
Shallow pockets were machined in the underside of the rail and steel blocks made to fit the standard 586 sight mounting points and the pockets in the rail.
The rail can now screw down to the steel blocks which are first screwed to the standard sight mounting points
The Result 
A perfectly fitted rail on a gun that can be returned to standard in a matter of  minutes and a rail that can be transferred to any Umarex 6" 586 just as quickly.