Stamping, Marking and Pyrography

 Stamping, Marking and Branding Tools for Metals, Leatherwork, Wood (Pyrography) and Other Materials.
Whatever you want to put your mark on, we can help you.
With a custom made tool to your design and specification we can help you make your mark, if you just know what you want to do but are not conversant with the technicalities we can help with the appropriate specification and complete the design work for you too!  
Stamps for metals are produced in hardened and tempered tool steel.
Pyrography tips are manufactured from brass as standard with the option of high-nickel stainless for long life in commercial use, and can be made to fit the iron of your choice, or alternatively with a classic wood handle and steel shaft for open flame heating.
Leatherworking punches can be made from a variety of materials depending on design, application and projected service life.
Other applications: for branding, raised or embossed logos on paper, leather and sheet products etc. just ask.
Shown opposite is a 10mm X 8mm punch tool for a customer wishing to apply his branding to steel parts which he manufactures in-house.
Based on the requirement for marking hot steel components during manufacture the punch was made from tool steel then hardened & tempered to industry standard specifications for the application.
Below the photo of the stamp is an image of a test stamping in hot plate steel to check the result meets customer requirements, which it does.  

Prices start at £160, Call or email with details of what you need for a quote.
 Opposite is a pyrography tool we made along with the mark made.
The overall size of the text is 11mm high by 40mm wide, the stamp is in Stainless Steel which will provide durable fine detail in a lifetime of service.