TSC & GSG 1911 LBP

 M9D  Accurizer System
Turn your GSG or TSC into the competition winning "Tack Driver" it always should have been!
(Assuming your barrel crown is already good as it was on our test gun)
Easily fitted in under an hour, the M9D Accurizer System allows the barrel and slide to interact as they should in a 1911, giving 
very repeatable alignment of the sights with the barrel for vastly improved accuracy and grouping.  
Fitting the M9D Accurizer System corrects the geometry of the slide and barrel relationship to the give a very close barrel to bushing fit while in-battery combined with free running clearance for 90% of slide travel, the result is clean cycling combined with a massive improvement in grouping.
The M9D Accurizer System is supplied as a kit with everything required to fit the system to a field-stripped pistol - the M9D Accurizer Barrel Bushing, M9D Accurizer Barrel Sleeve, bonding compound, lubricant and web link to illustrated instructions. 

We recommend you fit the barrel retaining screw as leaving this out will allow breech block movement in the frame and will result in wear to both. 

The top photo opposite is a TSC 1911 LBP with M9D Accurizer System and Standard Length Stainless Guide Rod fitted.
The target photo below left of the TSC shows a group shot with the M9D Accurized TSC at 50m on standard open sights, the target photo to the right shows a 24 shot group shot at 25 Yards by a customer with his Magic 9 Design Accurized GSG. 


£129.95 + £6.50 UK P&P
Includes Free Barrel Bushing Tool!
 M9D 60g Carbon Barrel Shroud
By combining high density Carbon Fibre, Aluminium Alloy and high quality Engineering Plastics we have made what we believe is the lightest (and best looking!) available TSC & GSG barrel shroud weighing in at just 60g

Opposite is a photo of a GSG with our 60g shroud fitted, this gun also has the M9D Accurizer Kit, Stainless Guide Rod, Carbon Bridge Scope Mount and Carbon Mag Release Extension

£50 + £6.50 UK P&P 

 M9D Barrel Bushing Tool
The M9D Barrel Bushing Tool fits our custom barrel bushings, the standard GSG and TSC bushings and most other 1911 bushings on rimfire, centre fire and gas operated 1911 pistols. 
 M9D SLR Sight Bridge Mounts
M9D Strong, Light, Rigid Sight Bridge Mounts facilitate mounting an optical sight whilst maintaining clearance to allow use of Ghost, Double Alpha and similar holsters, mounts are available to order with 3K Carbon Fibre sides and Aluminium Alloy or Titanium sight mountings. 
The example shown incorporates a Vortex Optics Viper sight base into the mounting plate giving the lowest possible mounting and the closest possible spacing between barrel and sight centre lines with a bridge mount, this mount sits low enough for the standard sights to be used when the red dot is not mounted, mounts can be machined for any sight. 

Also available in custom widths and heights to fit any pistol. 

We recommend the installation of bonded helicoils and/or captive fasteners for mounting to non-steel frames

GSG With Custom Hole Pattern 
for dot sight or 20mm rail 

Custom Frame Width, 
Slide Width/Height and 
Custom mount Configuration POA. 

 The Adder Quick Loader from Magic 9 Design
The M9D Adder allows quick and comfortable loading of GSG and similar magazines with no modifications and no extra bits. Made from tough, durable Nylon The Adder will give many years of service. 

The Adder Unloads Too! 
Didn't have chance to send those last 10 down range? Quickly and safely unload your magazines too. 

The Adder Quick Loader

Unloading with The Adder

£12.20 each

  Full Length TSC and GSG M9D Stainless Guide Rod
Precision machined from solid stainless bar locally sourced in Sheffield, hand finished & polished. The standard 5.2mm M9D Full Length Stainless Guide Rod fits the standard guide rod plug perfectly, other sizes are available to order. 

 Enhanced Barrel Support Feature
Unlike any other GSG guide rods which are under-size at the rear the M9D Guide Rod is a snug fit in the frame, eliminating barrel droop and reducing/eliminating the load on the breech block retaining screw. To provide breech block support and fit in the frame the Magic 9 Design Guide Rod incorporates a unique breech block / barrel assembly support system. 
Easily installed by the owner while the gun is stripped for cleaning the Magic 9 Design Guide Rod's adjustable breech block support allows the rear section to be a good lateral fit in the frame whilst incorporating adjustments for a tight supporting fit under the barrel / breech block assembly. 

 Improved Slide Alignment 
The Magic 9 Design Guide Rod's combination of a snug fit in the frame, tight fit under the breech and closer tolerance in the front plug improves repeatability in the alignment of the slide with the barrel and frame, thus giving a more consistent relationship between iron sights & barrel. 

Full Length, Full Size TSC and GSG M9D Stainless Guide Rod System
Incorporating all the features of the 5mm guide full length rod but in a full size 1911 rod, manufactured in two sections to facilitate stripping and with matching rod bush/button, buffer and Spring 

M9D Custom Stainless Barrel Bushing
Designed for the GSG & TSC the M9D Custom Barrel Bushing is made to order based on your barrel OD.
Unlike other "Tight Fit" barrel bushings on offer M9D Custom Barrel Bushing incorporates a replaceable low-friction insert to minimise friction and wear, maintaining smooth cycling whilst providing a close running fit to your standard barrel. 


 Full Length TSC and GSG Titanium Guide Rod
Precision machined from solid Titanium bar, hand finished & polished. The 5.2mm M9D Full Length Titanium Guide Rod fits the standard guide rod bush perfectly, other available sizes to order.

 Stainless Guide Rod Bush/Plug
The M9D precision reamed Stainless Guide Rod Bush is an ideal complement the Stainless and Titanium Guide Rods
 2.5mm Poly Buffer
The Polyurethane Buffer softens the final deceleration of the slide's rearward motion and avoids metal to metal contact of slide & frame, there is no perceptible difference in recoil but elimination of metal to metal contact combined with reduced impact on the slide and frame reduces wear to the major components of your gun and extends it's working life at the same time as slightly reducing slide travel and cycle time. 
Custom thickness available to order allowing you to short stroke your 1911 to your exact requirements. 

 60% Dry Moly Paste 7g
Worked into the running surfaces of the frame and slide with a soft cotton cloth M9D Molybdenum Disulphide Paste will reduce friction and wear to the frame rails & slide slots, also the ultimate friction reduction lube for sears and any other high pressure metal-to-metal contact areas. 

 Tool Steel Firing Pin
This replacement firing pin is fully machined from high quality locally sourced D2 Tool Steel with heat treated after minimising internal stresses for maximum service life, it is a direct replacement for the stamped factory pin. 

 Titanium Firing Pin
Available to order
 +4 Extended Capacity Magazine Follower & Loading Assist Button 

 +1 Extended Capacity Magazine Base/Bumper

 +2 Extended Capacity Magazine Base/Bumper

 M9D 15 Round Capacity Magazine

 Unavailable and Custom Parts
If you can't get what you want for your TSC or GSG emai for a quote to have it made to order!