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GSG Accurizing Kit
Now available to ship within 3 working days, the best accessory you could ever fit to your GSG or TSC! 

Ruger 10-22 Auto Bolt Releases
We have just CNC machined 150 Standard Bolt Releases to create Auto Releases for local dealers, we can quote for this and other precision machining services on an individual or bulk basis.
GSG/TSC 1911 60g Carbon Fibre Barrel Shroud
For the GSG & TSC we can now offer you the lightest available barrel shroud, with careful design and the use of high density carbon fibre, structural grade aluminium alloy and engineering plastic the Magic 9 Design Barrel Shroud weighs in at just 60g. 

GSG/TSC 1911 Accurizing Kit, Carbon Bridge Mount, Mag Release Extension etc. 
Now available to order, a range of tuning and customising parts for the GSG & TSC .22lr 1911 pistols. 

BRNO B96 Magazines Now Available
BRNO B96 5 Shot Magazines
Now available to order, BRNO B96 5 Shot mags, Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminium billet
Quantity     Price Including Special Delivery
   x1            £25
   x2            £41
   x3            £56
   x4            £69
   x5            £80
BRNO B96 Safety Magazines
Manufactured in a distinctive blue nylon the safety mags allow you to demonstrate that your gun is completely safe, with no through holes this mag ensures that there is no pellet in the breech and that no gas can reach the barrel.

Lee Enfield Tools
Magic 9 Design is proud to announce a set of Lee Enfield Tools comprising Bolt Head Tool, Firing Pin Removal Tool and Foresight Screw Tool. Now available directly from us or from Magicniner on ebay the tools are manufactured in Yorkshire from local Engineering Steels using traditional techniques then heat treated for optimum service life. 

Lee Enfield Foresight Adjuster
Now made to the WD issue design from 100% Stainless Steel also available directly from us or from Magicniner on ebay
Rohm Twinmaster Valve Cap Upgrade and Stripped Thread Repair
We're pleased to announce this, it's been in the pipeline for around a year now, recent investment in tooling has allowed us to make it a reality, see the Rohm Parts, Service and Tuning page under Services for photos and details.
Free CO2 Gun Oil and Pellet Seating Tool with Every CO2 Pistol Service, Pro Tune and Race Tune
Gunpower Stealth / Storm and AirForce Talon / Condor Multi-Shot Conversion
We have succesfully prototyped a multi-shot conversion for the Gunpower / Airforce series of pre-charged rifles in .177, work is now in progress on materials selection for production along with detail refinement to simplify production and ensure functionality across a range of calibres from .177 through to 9mm.
We're also working to simplify fitting (Currently requiring the M9D feed mechanism, M9D replacement bolt/breech block and handle, plus 8 holes in the gun frame drilled & tapped M4), we're also working to make initial setup and tuning easier along with ensuring ease of adjustment for varying pellet lengths.
Umarex Custom Parts Coming for 2015
Umarex 1911
Aircraft Aluminium Levers
From January 1st 2014 Extended Thumb Safety and Extended Slide Release will be available in limited quantities Ex-Stock.
Stainless Commander Hammers
From January 1st 2014 Commander Hammers will be available in limited quantities Ex-Stock.
Umarex 5/686, 92 and CP88
Custom hammers, triggers and levers are currently in development for the Smith & Wesson 5/686, Beretta 92fs and Walther CP-88 with the Smith first in line for a full house of replacement Hammer, Trigger, Thumblatch and ejector rod
FEG GPM 01 seal kits now in stock and available to purchase directly from the FEG GPM 01 Service, Reseal and Repair page.
Just in stock, genuine green O rings for Rohm Twinmaster valve, compatible with both CO2 and PCP Twinmaster models
The Magic 9 Design Pellet Seating Tool is now available, with a highly polished seating face this is the first tool specifically developed for optimum pellet seating in Umarex 8 and 10 shot mags. Featuring all metal construction, a convenient clip to secure it on your rig, keyring or gun bag, plus a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing, all for just £3.50 plus £1.70 Recorded P&P for up to five items - Perfect Pellet Seating Tool Order Page
Bespoke Engraving Service in Diamond Drag and Rotary Cut now available, text and artwork can be supplied by the customer or created to the customer's requirements.
Magic 9 Design can now quote for custom made moderator adapters in Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel, Blued Steel and Titanium.
Already a specialist in SSP pistols Magic 9 Design now offers a service and reseal service for SSP and Multi-Pump Rifles.
Magic 9 design is now developing a range of target sights for air and powder burning pistols with Tritium inserts as an option.
With Rohm Twinmaster production discontinued Magic 9 Design is still be able to offer a repair service, we can now quote for the manufacture of any unobtainable parts to get your Twinmaster up and running again.
Steel Replacements for BRNO B96 & Chamelion Rear Sight Castings now available to order.
Pardini Fiocchi P10 Breech Seals now available!
Aftermarket sight fitting for pistols added to available Services
CO2 Conversions available for KJ Works mag compatible guns (includes many TM & Clones)
A full range of custom rifle and pistol scope rails now available to order