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 M9D Valve Repair/Upgrade Service
The Magic 9 Design valve Upgrade Repair Service replaces the valve seat and makes subsequent valve seat replacement a quick and simple job that can be completed by almost anyone with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. 
The spring and valve housing remain standard, the valve stem rear section is machined to accept the screw-in front section, the new valve seat is a push fit into the brass nose piece, which replaces the old plastic seal, and the new valve stem inner section screws into place. 

The screw together valve system has the added advantage that it allows fine tuning of valve stem stick-out, allowing fine tuning of valve opening and gas delivery. 

Spare push-fit valve seats are available at £5 each 

M9D Blowback Unit Piston Head Upgrade
This upgrade resolves the issues caused by wear and leakage in the original piston seal which can result in weak blowback and occasionally one bb firing every other shot.
Join lines in the cylinder from the injection moulding manufacturing process have to be removed to allow free movement of an accurately machined piston head, the price includes machining and honing of the blowback cylinder bore to remove internal mould lines to allow use with the improved piston head.
Original plastic piston head and Brass M9D replacement with replaceable Floating O Ring Seal.
Polished Titanium Thumb Guard
Three Hole Polished Custom Trigger
Full Length Aluminium Guide Rod
Includes machining of Bushing Release Button, machining the standard Guide Rod and Tommy Bars for fitting and removal. 
Rod shown fitted to gun with comp (not included)
Full Length Stainless Guide Rod
Includes Machining of Bushing Release Button and Standard Rod
Stainless rod shown with machined customer release button & standard rod (not included)
Full Length Titanium Guide Rod
Includes Machining of Bushing Release Button and Standard Rod
Barrel Bushing Fit Full Profile Compensator (LimitedStock)
Mirror Polished Solid Aluminium Trigger
 Polished Stainless Grip Screw Set
Replacement Piercer Seal in Polyurethane
Replacement Inner Valve Seal in Polyurethane
Replacement Piercer Unit O ring